Merritt BC Canada Off Roading 


Nicola Valley off road adventures including ATV, and dirt biking 


Merritt BC Canada off roading adventures take you to places which are deep into our wilderness backcountry in the Nicola Valley. Gravel roads and 0ff road designated trails are boundless when it comes to exploring just outside of Merritt BC Canada. 


Merritt BC Canada Off Roading  


Merritt BC Canada Off Roading Adventures


Some of the best off road and dirt biking adventures include sections of the Kettle Valley Trail and the trails in and around Colletteville (Lindley Creek Road), located south of Merritt BC Canada. There are also trails shared with other users on Thynne Mountain. Some of the Merritt off roading routes are so long one can go for days like from Merritt to Castlegar



Nicola Valley Dirt Riders Association


In Merritt, there is a family oriented dirt bike club called the Nicola Valley Dirt Riders Association who is well versed in off roading in the region. Every year the group hosts a PNWMA (Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association) Cross Country Race called the Bar Bender. 


Merritt BC Canada Off Roading 


Nicola Valley dirt biking, 4x4ing and ATVing


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