Hiking in Merritt, BC, Canada
Hiking the Nicola
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Hiking in Merritt BC Canada covers all types of terrain, difficulties and physical abilities.

 Hiking in Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Valley Hiking Adventures and Trails

Hiking in Merritt BC Canada provides an opportunity to explore our hundreds of lakes, rivers, meadows, rolling hills and mountains. Hiking the backcountry of Merritt BC Canada entertains visitors with wildlife sightings, birding opportunities, wilderness camping and so many more adventures.

Easy Hiking in Merritt BC Canada

Hiking trails located in Merritt and throughout the Nicola Valley vary in terrain, difficulty and environments. There are easy day hikes suitable for all fitness levels. Many of these Merritt hiking trails  are easy going with little elevation gain and low difficulty levels. There are plenty of opportunities for day hikes along rivers, lakes and with sightseeing viewpoints. 

Difficult Hiking in Merritt

For the avid hiker there are long-haul hiking trails which some deemed very difficult as they may or may not include navigating switchbacks, loose rocks, cliffs and vertical elevation gains. With proper planning one can backpack long into the backcountry and stay at one of our wilderness campsites on one of the backcountry lakes.

Plan Your Hiking Adventure in the Nicola Valley

Plan for the unexpected when exploring hiking adventures throughout the Nicola Valley. Always make the necessary preparations for any hiking adventure in the backcountry.

22 merritt nicola logo 110Every great hike starts with a plan. Contact the local hiking club. Get some hiking gear. Finish the perfect adventure with a great meal, and comfortable bed. Merritt Has it All !

Hiking in the Nicola Valley

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