Top Places to Fish in Merritt - Gwen Lake
Top Lakes to Fish - Gwen Lake
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The lake is a remote wilderness destination popular for fishing, wilderness camping and canoeing.

Ice Fishing Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Valley Winter and Snow Adventures

Ice fishing Merritt BC offers great fishing opportunities for any hard water angler. There are numerous small lakes that are pure gems for ice fishing enthusiasts. Connect with the great outdoors and spend quality time with friends and family while on your Merritt BC Ice Fishing adventure.

Merritt Ice fishing

Where to go Ice Fishing Merritt BC Canada

With over 200 lakes in the area, Merritt BC and the Nicola Valley region is a fisherman’s paradise. Jig for burbot on Nicola Lake east of Merritt or hook onto a rainbow trout at Mamette Lake north of Merritt. For most of these lakes, ice fishing season starts in mid-December as the colder weather brings over 6 inches of hard ice. Some of the best fishing happens at the beginning of the season when the oxygen levels are still high in the water and the fish are still feeding.

Things to remember before going ice fishing:

  • Have a valid fishing license.
  • Know the size and daily limits for the fish that you hope to catch.
  • Learn the ice fishing regulations for where you are fishing.
  • Make a checklist of things you will need to have fun and be safe.
  • Consider leaving a “float plan” with someone who knows that you will be out on the ice, indicating where you plan to fish, where you plan to park your vehicle, and when you plan to return home. For boaters, this is common practice, and for ice anglers, it’s not a bad idea either.

Another good source for information on lakes to fish in the area is the local Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club. A non-profit association dedicated to the preservation and management of habitat and wildlife in the Nicola Valley.

Merritt Ice Fishing

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