Cross Country Skiing in Merritt, BC, Canada
Kane Valley Skiing in Merritt, BC Canada
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“Kane Valley is a winter paradise of pine and aspen, so any trail you choose will transition through these magical woodlands.”

Cross Country Skiing in Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Valley Cross Country Ski Maps and Alpine Trails

Cross Country Skiing in Merritt BC Canada is a great way to experience the snow-covered winter wonderland in the Nicola Valley. Embrace the magic of the beautiful Kane Valley, home to miles of groomed trails, snow drenched trees, and scenic views only a few kilometres from the community of Merritt BC. A perfect setting for your Nicola Valley Cross Country ski adventure.

Cross Country Skiiers - Kane Valley, BC, Canada
Cross Country Skiers - Kane Valley, BC, Canada

About Cross Country Skiing in Merritt BC 

The Kane Valley, 18 kms south of Merritt, is a haven for cross country skiers and alpine enthusiasts. With a base elevation of 1160 metres (3800 feet), the timbered valley has a micro-climate that can provide ideal Nordic skiing conditions. The snow is generally dry, seldom more than 1 to 1.5 metres deep, and the air temperature is usually between 0 and -15 degrees Celsius throughout the winter. The best access route to the ski areas is along the Kane Valley road which joins Highway 5A/97C near Corbett Lake.

About the trails

Kane Valley has over 50 km of groomed trails, and many kilometres of pristine snow offering a variety of terrain and skill levels. All generate ideal condistions for wilderness Nordic skiing. Alpine trails are marked with maps and trail indicators and there are several shelters, picinic sites and outhouses along the way.

Connect with the Nicola Nordic Ski Club if you require additional information. Their members are most helpful!

Cross Country Skiing in Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Nordic Ski Club

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