Snowmobiling in Merritt BC Canada
Snowmobiling in Merritt BC Canada
Merritt Speedway
Merritt Speedway
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The Home of Dirt Track Racing in the Nicola Valley

Merritt BC Tourism and Nicola Valley Adventures

Merritt Canada Adventure Travel Guide, Planner and Booking Guide

Merritt, BC Canada Tourism and Adventure Travel Guide - Merritt British Columbia is a four season tourism destination with many of the amenities visitors crave to create lasting memories. The community is nestled on the banks of the Nicola and Coldwater Rivers. Consequently, surrounding the community are hundreds of world-class backcountry lakes, wilderness campsites and trails. Every thing we do is country.  Merritt British Columbia provides a different lake and adventure a day while you stay. It is that good! Start planning travels today to Merritt. 


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We want you to know what is happening today. The Nicola Valley Travel Talk Community is our live community scrolling feed sharing with you stories, photo galleries, videos and more by real people in real time sharing real experiences. 

Summer Things To Do In Merritt BC

There are so many summer things to do In Merritt BC Canada. The gravel roads and hiking trails in the region lead deep into the Nicola Valley backcountry connecting with many lakes. Our wilderness lakes provide many camping, wildlife sighting, birdwatching, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, boating, water skiing and fishing opportunities. Our 280 kilometres of trails are designated multi use and single use for hiking, mountain biking, dirt biking and horseback riding. There is no end to summer things to do In Merritt BC in the Nicola Valley.


Winter Things To Do In The Nicola Valley

Winter things to do In Merritt BC includes, you guessed it, our hundreds of lakes. Each winter adventure season our lakes freeze over and our higher elevations are covered in snow. Our winters create a pristime environment for cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and snowshoeing.  

Merritt BC Parks and Trails

The City of Merrit maintains our many community parks. And just outside of the city limits we also have a provincial park on Nicola Lake. However, we are best known for our wilderness lakes and recreation areas located In the backcountry of Nicola Valley. To learn more please go to our parks, lakes and trails section

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Merritt BC Attractions and Venues

Living in a beautiful backcoutry region of British Columbia Canada, we have lots of Merritt BC Tourism and Nicola Valley adventures and attractions to share with visitors. Take some time and explore the downtown core of Merritt enjoying the 75+  "Walk of Stars", our 20+ murals, gift stores, the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Honour and our heritage buildings like the Coldwater Hotel (1908) and the Baillie House (1908).  

Amenities in Merritt

Merritt  is easily accessible from four major highways - Hwy 5 and 5A, Hwy 97C and Hwy 8. The community of Merritt BC provides many of the amenities necessary for travel including accommodations, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, gas stations, banks, laundromat, retail stores, grocery stores, taxi cabs, bus, internet  and cell reception.  

Merritt BC Tourism and Nicola Valley Adventures

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Popular Winter Activities in Merritt
Popular Summer Activities in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada
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All About Merritt
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