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The lake is a remote wilderness destination popular for fishing, wilderness camping and canoeing.

Fishing in Merritt BC Canada
Nicola Valley fresh water fishing lakes and rivers
Fish “a lake a day for as long as you stay” when in Merritt British Columbia Canada
Fishing in Merritt BC Canada is a popular recreational outdoor activity for many who fish the Nicola Valley. What all fishing enthusiasts should know though, is that the Nicola Valle enjoys over 200+ wilderness recreational fishing lakes within 50 kms of Merritt, BC, Canada. Some within minutes from the community. Others travel long wilderness backcountry roads to access. Some are hike-in only. Many with a variety of fish species and most with wilderness camping opportunities.

Fishing in Merritt BC Canada with the Host of the Fishing The Wild West TV Show, Wes David

Fishing in Merritt BC Lakes
We have a lakes, river and parks section listing some of the lakes to fish in the Nicola Valley. However, we are adding and updating more lakes as we speak. Therefore please keep coming back as fishing enthusiasts add more lakes and fishing experiences to the list. Deciding where to go fishing in Merritt BC Canada is the first order of business when arriving in the Nicola Valley region. And we aim to assist in that decision.

Tips and Types of Recreational Fishing Lakes
There are easy access fishing lakes with campsites, a boat launch, pit toilets, picnic tables and docks. Some wilderness campsites enjoy modest amenities like pit toilets and a boat launch while others are roughing it. For all backcountry fishing, anglers are required to have a BC Fishing Licence.

More about Rules of Fishing Nicola Valley Lakes & Rivers

Merritt BC Fishing Resorts and Accommodations
Some of the freshwater lakes to go fishing in Merritt BC Canada are serviced by fishing lodges and fishing guides. There are also some backcountry lodges and accommodations which are a short road trip away from many popular fishing lakes. Below, we wanted to save you time, and provided a list of some of the fishing lodges and accommodations in the region.


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