Coldwater River Trail Merritt BC


Trail Length: 2.1 one way

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Pet Friendly
Wildlife Watching
Wheelchair Access

Merritt BC Coldwater River Trail

Coldwater Claybanks River Walk

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Merritt BC Coldwater River Trail offers a relaxing outdoor nature trail located central to the historic shopping center in Merritt British Columbia Canada. However with its leveled trails, it is an easy access walking route for all ages, baby strollers, wheelchairs and pet friendly. 

Merritt BC Coldwater River Trail

Although, Merritt BC Coldwater River Trail may sometimes be viewed as an urban trail, it will give you the experience of being out in the backcountry of the Nicola Valley. The shoreline river trail features an abundance of birdlife, tree's, benches to sit and view nature. And if lucky, you may spot a deer. 

Nicola Valley Coldwater River Walking Trail 

The Coldwater Trail is also called the Coldwater River Claybanks by local community locals.  The locals also referr to this as the Claybanks River swimming hole. Growing up here in the Nicola Valley has always been a seasonal hotspot for outdoor adventures.

Summer on the trail

During the summer, the iconic Claybanks that tower over the Coldwater River has always been a favourite spot to swim. Although the water  can be  a bit cloudy because of the soft clay and its gentle flowing current. This site has always been the starting gate for river tubbers. Merritt BC Coldwater River with its gentle currents and scenic beauty is truly a summer experience. 

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Coldwater River Trail Merritt BC
Vought Street

How To Get ToColdwater River Trail Merritt BC

Coldwater River Trail trailhead is located on Voght St in Merritt BC. Continue on Voight Street to the bridge and the sani-station. Trailhead parking lot is there.
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