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Merritt BC Birdwatchers Destination Spot

By Tania Stewart in Experience Merritt BC Videos 1353 views 10th Feb, 2023 Video Duration: N/A   Merritt, BC, Canada
Merritt, BC. Canada, a birdwatchers travel destination spot year round. Growing up in the Nicola Valley surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers, swamps, grasslands, over 200 hundred lakes fueled a passion for all wildlife. Weekends full of adventures while out exploring, hiking, climbing, and just being out with nature. Being a bit of a bird nerd, I have always been fascinated with Crows, aka Corvids. Having been told by my mom that crows and ravens are messengers from passed loved ones, totally intrigued me. A couple of years ago during the late spring, Merritt BC, was hit with a very unusual hot spell. Which had devastating effects on wildlife and especially birds, at the time of nestling. One morning we discovered a baby crow on the ground below a tree in our backyard. George the Crow adopted us as his saviors, his crow keepers. George the crow impacted many lives while educating them on how unique, intelligent, affectionate, smart and diverse corvids are. Becoming somewhat of a celebrity, here in Merritt as well throughout Canada, as well as traveling the world. George managed to change people's views and lifelong, prejudice's about his kind. I wanted to share this video and story of George the Crow, kind of like a snapshot of what it is to be a Canadian. One who can call herself a birdwatcher, guardian of all nature and wildlife. Are we not lucky and blessed to have all of Canada's beauty engulfing us from east to west. Merritt BC., is not only a birdwatcher's destination place, it is also an adventure seekers dream vacation. Oh, George the crow grew up and like all young adults, left home to explore seeking his own adventures.

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