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Epic Mountain Biking in Merritt, BC? Oh hell, ya! Darch Oborne is well known to anyone in Merritt who rides a mountain bike. He rides


Tourism Merritt -


Tourism in Merritt

Nicola Valley Needs Tourism

"Merritt BC Canada needs to be one of those communities who steps up and aggressively pursues tourism because all the communities surrounding Merritt are."

Merritt Tourism. Tourism in Merritt can be an important economic driver in Merritt BC Canada. However, it is important to note that communities ignoring the benefits of tourism is generally because community decision makers are lacking understanding. Is this the case in Merritt? Not so for Tourism Nicola Valley. This tourism group wants to change the perception of tourism in Merritt through education online, training and through professional print materials. 

"It has come to our attention in last few years, thanks to the consulting work of eh Canada Travel, that tourism has great potential to grow in the Nicola Valley."

Tourism in Merritt is important

Tourism has a domino effect. As a result, the benefits of tourism trickle down and positively contributes to many industries. The tourism industry is important for Merrittonians due to its role as a commercial activity that creates demand and growth for many in Merritt BC Canada. Therefore tourism not only contributes towards more economic activities but also generates more employment, revenues and plays a significant role in community development.

Benefits of tourism

Firstly, tourism is used to introduce newcomers (tourists) to parts of Merritt and points of interest in the Nicola Valley. More importantly it also provides jobs, attracts new skills and small businesses to Merritt. Consequently tourism provides revenues for reinvestment into community infrastructure and for the development of physical inventory.

According to

  1. Tourism activity creates demand: Tourists creates demand for tourism and other industries.
  2. Tourism industry value chain meets & spreads demand across industries & boosts more economic activities.
  3. Socio-Economic Importance of Tourism: Tourism contributes to a communities overall growth and development.
  4. Motivates communities to develop infrastructure.
  5. Tourism induces more consumption.

The true ambassadors of tourism

Throughout the Nicola Valley the true faces of tourism are the front line businesses. That is to say that the front line people of Merritt, not politicians and tourism associations, are the ones providing tourists all that food, drink, transportation, gifts, souvenirs and lodging. Therefore it is the front line of tourism who leaves an impression with visitors. Consequently, it is important that all our visitors leave with a positive experience.

Below are 10 tourism stakeholders who represent tourism in Merritt.

Why tourism is good for you

  • Helps take your stress out and be light-minded.
  • Increases your knowledge about different places, people and ethnicity.
  • Gives you a chance to explore yourself.
  • You get to meet new characters and personalities.
  • Tourism travels makes you humble and compassionate.
  • You get to see how beautiful and vast nature is.

What is good about tourism?

Where there is a will there is a way. Unless we have the thought-leaders in place and put forth a focused effort in growing tourism in the Nicola Valley there is little chance for tourism to expand in Merritt. However, there is a small group in Merritt ( Tourism Nicola Valley,,, Nicola Valley Economic Development, Merritt Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame and others) who are fighting for tourism programs so to attract new money to the community. In short new money will fill our accommodations, put bums-in-seats at our restaurants, pubs and coffee houses, as well as, shop our retail stores and attend our events.

Supporting tourism supports your business

A strong tourism marketing plan can provide jobs and improve the wealth in the Nicola Valley. Many Canadian communities are keen to develop tourism in order to become self sustaining and to improve the quality of life for their residents. Therefore Merritt BC Canada needs to be one of those communities who steps up and aggressively pursues tourism. More importantly, Merritt needs to take action because all the communities surrounding Merritt are pursuing tourism in a big way. Does Merritt want travelers to visit its neighbours only and spend money only in neighbouring communities? The question Merritt must ask itself,

"Does Merritt want to be left behind or be a tourism leader?"

Tourism Merritt - Merritt Tourism

Building a better Merritt with tourism

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