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Epic Mountain Biking in Merritt, BC? Oh hell, ya! Darch Oborne is well known to anyone in Merritt who rides a mountain bike. He rides

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Alternative Holiday Dinner in Merritt BC


Affordable Alternatives to Canadian Traditional Holiday Meals

Serving an Alternative Holiday Dinner

If you're willing to stray from tradition and try a new and different holiday main dish, Experience Nicola Valley has some great ideas for all your holiday meals. We all know the traditional holiday meals. Christmas Turkey, Easter Ham, Thanksgiving Turkey, and New Year's leftovers. Albeit, without a doubt holiday dinners are delicious but can become somewhat a little too boring and routine. As well as food costs continuing to rise across the globe. Serving an affordable Holiday dinner can be daunting. This is why I wanted to list a few easy affordable alternatives to our traditional family holiday dinner spreads. Cooking an alternative affordable holiday meal in Merritt BC could be a fun way to spend the day at home. Moreover focusing on the important things, and creating life memories with loved ones.

Alternative Easter Dinner

In most households, a glistening baked ham or roast dinner is the focus on Easter Sunday. Including myself and many it's a tradition that isn't often broken for fear of change or family opinions. But Easter doesn't have to be all about ham or pot roast. If you're wanting to break away, try mixing things up with an affordable alternative holiday dinner with these.

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Buy Beef Stew Meat or A Brisket

Skip tradition with alternative affordable holiday dinner meals that won't break the bank. Generally, Easter Roasts often use high-quality cuts of meat like tenderloin or sirloin, instead, consider serving beef stew meat. Moreover, throw everything in a slow cooker or pot, and away you go, back to the Easter Egg Hunt. Leaving it to slow cook and will be just as tender at a much nicer price point. Affordable beef brisket from your local butcher store is ideal for a tender delicious meal. Sometimes it is good to call your local butcher a day before to put your order in, and don't hesitate to ask about the best ways to serve or prepare. After all, he is the expert.

Alternative & Affordable Italian Cuisines 

If you're skipping the traditional dishes, how about an Italian-style Easter? Mixing things up with these delicious meals. Affordable alternatives to your holiday dinner.

Italian-style Easter Braciole - a rolled beef flank stuffed with breadcrumbs and two Italian kinds of cheese (substitute to choice), rolled and tied, and oven-braised in white wine and marinara sauce.

Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo - A holiday dinner doesn't need to be elaborate. To brighten up the traditional alfredo, toss in spring vegetables like asparagus, peas and shiitake mushrooms. A sprinkle of chives and a dash of lemon zest add the perfect finishing touch to this punched-up pasta.

Shrimp Francese over Linguine - pasta and shrimp placed over linguine is ideal if having a small crowd for Easter dinner. Simple, quick and easy while being an upscale dish.

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