Historic Coldwater Hotel in Merritt, BC, Canada

Author: Traci Marie Nixon

Merritt BC History
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A little bit of Merritt, BC History in my view. I born and raised here in Merritt, BC , in the 70’s and 80’s a little bit of Merritt history in my view.

Merritt Museum

Nicola Valley Museum

Museum & Archives, Merritt, B.C. Historical Nicola Valley Museum & Archives Life without technology

How did humans live before technology eased our lives!

Our ancestors needed food, shelter and clothing, as we still do today.

How did they keep warm in winter? What did they eat?

How did they preserve food? How did they carry water?

Where did they find food? Materials for tools?

Transportation, clothing and shelter

How did they travel to share food and to trade? What about tools? Everything they had, they made themselves! How did they do this? What did they make tools, clothing, utensils and shelters from? Visit our Historical Nicola Valley Museum & Archives to find the answers!

Winter homes

The indigenous people of the Nicola Valley build winter houses partly underground on purpose! Why did they do it? And why is it still a good idea today?

Do you have a head full of questions? Then find the answers! Time travel through Merritt and the Nicola Valley. Visit our Historical Nicola Valley Museum & Archives.

School on the frontier

See Merritt's first school, and the woman who ran it, Lily Priest, sitting outside the teepee school beside a wood stove.

Modern conveniences

Come forward in time with the first white settlers and ranchers. Delight in seeing the old farm equipment and tools. Look in the Kitchens and parlors at the (then) modern conveniences!

Mining, transportation and medicine

Don't miss the mining, ranching and transportation as you come forward in time. See the huge changes in medical equipment as

Merritt comes through two world wars!

Top Historical Attractions in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.
The Boys enjoying a well deserved break!

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History of the Nicola Valley